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Detroit Alchemy

Sex Magick Candle Bundle

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The sex magick bundle is exactly that!

3 candles are used to help bring your intentions to fruition as you use sex as a ritual.  Sexual energy is the most potent energy and if done correctly your orgasms can help manifest desires and bring forth dreams, In magic, orgasms are considered to be the ultimate magical force. In fact, it is believed that orgasms can help cleanse the body, produce magical power, and are a vital tool in manifesting desires.

This bundle contains 3 candles  4oz each and scented with Sugar Baby   Isis - (red candle) -  Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility and was also known as the goddess of motherhood, magic, death, healing, and rebirth Homie Lover Friend - is a candle inspired by my own relationship, your partner should be all of those things to you.  Sex Goddess Candle - A sex goddess is good at giving and receiving pleasure so much so that she leaves men enchanted.