Welcome To Harmony Trace Apothecary!

When I left Corporate America in 2015, I started out selling baby Ankara harem pants. They were THE cutest things in the world and I constantly sold out. But I got burnt out, shut down my shop and stopped selling things altogether. I knew I always wanted to open a store that was curated by me but the timing was just never right. 

But let's be real: when is the timing right for anything?

After years of putting a store on my back burner, Harmony Trace Apothecary finally launched on December 15, 2021. Now that my kids are older and we're more settled, it was time to push my imposter syndrome to the side and start this. 

Why Harmony Trace Apothecary?

It has good flow to it. Apothecary is an old school term for a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs. While we aren't selling medicines in the traditional sense, we are giving out prescriptions for a beautiful life. After 2020 and then 2021, our focus as a family was in slowing down, living more intentionally and making beautiful moments. That's what the things that we stock and sell in this store will help you to do with your life as well.

It's A Family Business

And I mean it. Yes, I, Aaronica, am the writer and curator of the store but I'm not the only one working it!

My oldest daughter Kalima is the fulfillment manager. She's responsible for packing the orders, making sure they go out in a timely fashion, and look good. 

My middle daughter is our creative designer. There will often be a little razzle dazzle on the package from her. She's also charged with building boxes. 

Beau, the baby, is responsible for the culture around here. 

And my partner in life, Denvor, does many of the behind the scenes things. 

So when I say it's a family business, I mean it!

We Look Forward To Growing With You In This Beautiful Life

Your support and purchases mean the world to us so thank you for visiting the site, sharing it and making your purchases. 

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